Borrow money with NemID

How fast can you actually get a loan into your bank account? Do you really need to print out the loan agreement, sign with the ballpoint pen, find the envelope and stamp and set the course for the nearest mailbox? Immediately there is a long way to go if the signing is to be done by analogy. It can easily take a day or two for the letter to arrive at all, and then the loan provider needs to get your loan deposited into your account.

It is not exactly optimal if you are missing money here and now


Then you just want to get your loan paid off immediately. Fortunately, a lot has happened in the digital world in recent years, so this slow affair has been replaced by a method that goes faster than you can say “loans”. The solution is found in a small key card, which the vast majority of us browse around, which gives us access to do a lot of things online, which you had to arrange in other ways before.

The solution is called Easy ID. With Easy ID you can do everything from reporting a move to checking your online bank. Now you can also use Easy ID to take out a loan online, as you can use Easy ID to sign your loan agreement.

NemID is your online identity


If you want to borrow money online, you can’t do it without Easy ID. Your Easy ID is your online identity, and if you use it, it is equivalent to putting a personal signature. This should be both preferable for you to get your loan paid off faster, but also for the loan providers so that they do not have to sit and mess with lots of sheets of paper. Not only is this method faster, it should also give a smaller margin of error. There is no or little risk that the signed agreement will be lost on the way from the borrower to the loan provider, and the loan provider can simultaneously arrange their loan agreements on the computer.

Thus, you will find no online loan providers that will not let you use Easy ID when signing the loan agreement. How soon can you actually get a loan paid off after signing with Easy ID? It is slightly different from provider to provider, but usually you can see that the money has gone into the following business day. In some cases, it may already happen on the same day if you apply for a loan during the loan provider’s opening hours, so that they can both make an offer for a loan and later deposit the money after you have accepted the terms.

You use your key card to sign your loan

You use your key <a href=card to sign your loan” />

In the same way you would if you had to log into your online bank or correct your housing allowance. First, log in with your username and password. Then use the key card to enter the correct code.

Then send the approval and voila! Your work is done. Now you just have to wait for the borrowed money to go into your account, and then you can just enjoy the fact that you now have the money to do exactly what you most want.